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Attorney Spinella Settles UM Claim Before Start of Trial for $115,000

Attorney Spinella Settles UM Claim Before Start of Trial for $115,000Attorney Anthony Spinella, partner at Barry & Barall, LLC settled an underinsured motorist (UM)claim via mediation on August 18, 2021, on behalf of a local married couple. The Firm was prepared to go to trial as the insurance company had not offered our client any money at all. The matter was brought to a mediation where the parties ultimately settled the case one week before jury selection.

The motor vehicle accident occurred in December of 2018. A family – husband, wife, their 4-year-old daughter and the husband’s younger brother – were all traveling together on I-384 East, a three lane highway. Another driver (the “tortfeasor”) was operating his vehicle in a reckless manner and at a high rate of speed, causing him to cross into the center lane. He collided with another vehicle, which then collided with our clients’ vehicle, which was in the right lane at the time of the initial crash. Ultimately our clients’ car came to a final rest in a ditch.

All four of our clients were transported via ambulance to a local hospital. They suffered both physical injuries and emotional trauma as a result of the car crash.

Our firm represented all four family members in an action against the tortfeasor. At that time, Attorney Spinella negotiated a settlement for a total $50,000 (total policy) split between the four victims. Then, an additional underinsured motorist action was brought by the husband and wife. The insurance company offered our clients no compensation whatsoever. Barry & Barall, LLC filed a suit on their behalf a year later, in December 2019.

Over the past year, the court system suffered from several delays and setbacks, and we were scheduled to begin jury selection on August 25, 2021. Both parties attended a half-day mediation on August 18, 2021, which resulted in a total settlement of $115,000 – $65,000 for the wife and $50,000 for the husband. Attorney Spinella was able to secure this settlement only a week before jury selection was scheduled to begin.

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