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Hartford College University Crimes Defense Attorneys

Hartford College & University Crimes Defense Attorneys

Legal representation for student arrests and offenses in Hartford & Manchester, CT

When a person is arrested as a minor, they go through the juvenile justice system. If they’re arrested as an adult, they face the state or federal criminal justice system. However, when a college or university student is arrested, they not only face possible criminal or civil penalties, but also academic consequences. If you’re a student or the parent of a student, it’s important to understand that criminal offenses or allegations of criminal offenses can derail a person’s entire future.

At Barry, Barall, Taylor & Levesque, LLC, our college campus criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience working with community college, university and college students facing criminal and disciplinary charges in the Hartford area. Sometimes the novelty or stress of living away from home can lead students to make bad decisions or act out of character. Our legal team works to defend you or your child against all accusations and charges, to keep their record and their transcript clean. Talk to us today to stay on the road to a bright future.

Code of conduct violations and offenses at Hartford area colleges

Connecticut is home to many fine colleges and universities, including:

  • Central Connecticut State University
  • Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Manchester Community College
  • Quinnipiac University
  • Trinity College
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Hartford
  • University of St. Joseph
  • Wesleyan University
  • Yale University

Every college and university in the country, whether it’s private or public, requires its students to abide by a code of conduct. These various college codes might differ in the particular details, but they all have one thing in common – if you’re found guilty of violating a college code of conduct, your academic future will be put in jeopardy. You could be put on academic suspension or even expelled from university. These codes can cover literal hundreds of possible offenses, but following are some of the more common violations we’ve successfully defended our student clients against:

Sometimes, a college student may be unaware they even violated a university rule. Different professors, for example, may have different guidelines around sourcing and what they consider plagiarism. You may commit plagiarism without realizing it and suddenly find yourself facing a failing grade, academic probation and a permanent mark on your record. Code of conduct violations may require you to attend a disciplinary hearing, the outcome of which could affect your future at the university and even disqualify you from federal student loans.

If you’re a foreign national attending school here on a student visa, you face an especially high risk if arrested or convicted of a serious offense like a drug charge or assault. You could lose your right to remain in the United States. Our experienced Hartford attorneys understand the stakes, and can provide valuable guidance and advice to help you avoid harsh penalties and consequences.


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"I also wanted to share how impressed I was with Briana. She is professionally compassionate and has been an amazing resource with putting my mind at ease during such stressful times."

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Representation for Title IX violations

Title IX is a federal law passed as part of the Education Amendments of 1972. It “prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity.” Any school, public or private that receives federal funding is required to follow Title IX regulations. This includes grades K-12 as well as institutions of higher learning.

Our Hartford college student defense attorneys commonly see Title IX cases involving accusations of sexual assault or harassment. No matter what the circumstances behind these types of allegations, you must take them seriously. Sexual assault charges can affect the lives of everyone involved forever. As a student and as a citizen, it’s essential you have skilled representation and defense. Everyone has the right to due process and a fair investigation.

Why you need a Hartford college campus crime attorney

Again, all students agree to adhere to a certain code of conduct during their tenure  at a college or university. Any allegations, accusations or arrest for criminal activity will typically result in an internal or Title IX investigation that can have significant consequences – loss of certain privileges, suspension or expulsion.

A criminal conviction can have lasting repercussions that haunt you for the rest of your life. Depending on the charges against you, in addition to having a criminal record, you may be barred from certain professional organizations, lose the right to vote, lose the right to own a firearm, or even be required to register as a sex offender. Our job is ensuring this doesn’t happen.

You may not think that you need a lawyer when dealing with an internal campus investigation or disciplinary proceeding. It is true that some universities do not allow attorneys to attend these internal hearings. However, just because you cannot have your attorney physically by your side doesn’t mean they cannot provide valuable assistance. The legal team at Barry, Barall, Taylor & Levesque, LLC will:

  • Explain the disciplinary process
  • Explain all possible outcomes of the case
  • Investigate the case, looking for evidence to strengthen your defense
  • Prepare you thoroughly for your hearing
  • Provide support, guidance and professional advice

If you are a student charged with a violation or crime in Hartford

If you’ve been arrested, charged with a violation of your school’s disciplinary or academic code, or know you are under investigation for any offenses, contact one of our student defense attorneys right away. In the meantime, keep the following in mind.

Do not speak about the matter with anyone. This includes the police and authorities, campus police, school administration and personnel, classmates and friends. Anything you say, no matter how neutral you believe it might be, can damage your case. If you are stopped or arrested, don’t argue with the police or admit any wrongdoing. Simply ask if you are free to go – and if you’re not, kindly request an attorney.

Get started on your defense immediately by speaking with a qualified and experienced lawyer. Our consultations are always private and discreet. We can help you assess your situation and ease your fears, providing resources and guidance for your case. No matter how minor the infraction or offense, don’t gamble with your future. We can help.

Professional Hartford student defense attorneys

If you’re a college student or the parent of a college student facing criminal or disciplinary charges, you may be worried and overwhelmed about what happens next. The campus and college crime defense lawyers at Barry, Barall, Taylor & Levesque, LLC have decades of experience protecting the rights of students across the state of CT and are ready to help protect your future. Call us today. We’re located right off I-84 or I-384 in Manchester. To schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers in Hartford or Manchester, please call 860-649-4400 or fill out our contact form.