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Premises Liability

Manchester Premises Liability Attorneys

Protecting the rights of injury victims who were owed a duty of care

When you visit someone else’s property you don’t expect an injury to be part of the hospitality, but never quite know what you could be walking into whether it’s a friend’s home, a public building, or a retail store. If you are hurt, you shouldn’t have to suffer further by being forced to lose income, pay for medical bills, and endure costly physical therapy. If a property owner has failed to properly protect against accidents, the Manchester premises liability attorneys at Barry, Barall & Spinella, LLC are here to help you hold that individual or business responsible for your recovery.

The more common causes of premises liability

There are infinite ways someone can become injured when visiting someone else’s property when it hasn’t been kept in good repair, or when temporary dangerous conditions, such as icy walkways, have not been safeguarded. There is really no fool-proof way to guarantee you won’t be hurt, and you are not at fault for your injury on an unsafe property. Just some of the ways you could suffer harm include:

  • Slip and fall resulting from spills, mopped surfaces, negligent ice removal, uneven surfaces and unexpected obstacles in walking paths.
  • Falling objects such as products on shelves, construction debris, unsecured ladders.
  • Toxic exposure including mold, natural gas leaks, use of chemical products without proper ventilation.
  • Negligent safety precautions that result in sexual assault, theft, and other crimes against people.
  • Swimming pool accidents where deadly falls or drownings occur.

Our knowledgeable attorneys understand the liabilities and responsibilities involved in premises liability claims and we will work hard to secure the most compensation for your injury.

What Manchester residents and visitors need to know about premises liability

Getting injured at some point is an unfortunate guarantee in life. When the negligence of a property owner in maintaining his or her property is the cause of your injury, you are not to blame: the property owner is. According to the National Safety Council, in 2017 there were 127,300 premises related deaths in the United States from the following causes:







Mechanical suffocation








In public places, falls accounted for the highest number of deaths in people age 75 and older, while poisoning was the largest cause of death in people ages 25-44.


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Barry, Barall & Spinella, LLC

Nicky M.

"I had the pleasure of working with Anthony Spinella on an unfortunate criminal matter and am extremely grateful for the prearrest and pretrial defense. Thanks to Attorney Spinella, I was granted AR."
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Nicky M.

Barry, Barall & Spinella, LLC

Nicky M.

"I also wanted to share how impressed I was with Briana. She is professionally compassionate and has been an amazing resource with putting my mind at ease during such stressful times."
Barry, Barall & Spinella, LLC

Common injuries suffered as a result of negligent property maintenance

Sometimes injuries are not immediately obvious and can take time to surface. For instance, you may initially be able to walk on your ankle, which hasn’t started reacting to the injury yet and evident swelling occurs hours later. You enter the emergency room under your own control and leave on crutches or in a wheelchair.

Common injuries from dangerous properties include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Contusions
  • Lacerations
  • Dislocated joints

In some cases, a dangerous property could lead to the wrongful death of your loved one.

If you have been seriously injured, seek medical attention immediately and file a police report, if the circumstances such as an assault, dictate one. If you have started an insurance claim, refrain from providing any recorded statements to protect your claim.

Who is entitled to bring a premises liability claim in Connecticut?

If someone owns property, he or she will have expected and unexpected users of the premises, all of whom are owed a different duty of care. Any of these individuals being present on the premises can produce injuries resulting in liability to the owner. Invitees, licensees, and trespassers all have rights under Connecticut law. The potential for injury if one becomes injured on a defective property, or the proper duty of care is not provided can result in filing a legal claim.

  • An invitee. Someone who enters a premises for a business purpose benefitting the owner, or by mutual benefit to the owner and invitee is owed a duty of care by the property owner. The owner must inspect and safeguard the premises, and post a proper warning if there are dangers.
  • A licensee. Someone who has permission or an invitation to be on the premises is owed a duty of care similar to that of a trespasser once the licensee’s presence is known. The property owner cannot set traps intending to cause harm. If the property owner engages in dangerous activity, he or she must keep an eye out for licensees and provide a warning of known dangers.
  • A trespasser. Someone unexpected is owed a duty of care once the property owner is aware of his or her presence. However, there is no obligation on the part of the owner to inspect the property or refrain from dangerous activity such as hunting, unless the trespasser’s presence is known. A property owner is not entitled to set traps meant to inflict harm and deter trespassing. Children trespassers are owed a higher duty of care because they are less likely to understand the risk of serious injury or death. Merely by the nature of the property, the owner may unwittingly provide an attractive nuisance that leads children to that property making them more likely to be harmed.

If the property owner is found to have owed you a duty of care and subsequently breached that duty, resulting in your injury,, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Speak with one of our experienced Manchester premises liability attorneys for an assessment of your case.

Damages the victim of a premises injury could recover in Manchester

At Barry, Barall & Spinella, LLC, our job is to secure the greatest compensation possible for your premises liability claim based on your injuries, recovery, and everything that you experience in between. At a minimum, your life has been disrupted while healing from the pain and damage inflicted due to the negligence of a property owner. We will work hard to pursue compensation for your damages of:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Current and future loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

Beginning to investigate your accident quickly will help prevent losing evidence of negligence, your financial losses, and your physical injuries to help us protect your case and secure a settlement that you can be satisfied with. We are here for you and we will fight for every bit of compensation that you deserve.

Handling a premises liability claim on your own is a difficult, risky proposition given the intricate complications involved when dealing with injuries and unreasonable insurance companies. You need a skilled legal team who is dedicated to protecting your right to receive fair compensation for your injury. We will assess your claim, determine liability, advise you of your options, and research all avenues of recovery for you to ensure that you are compensated for all damages you have incurred.

Manchester resources for premises liability victims

Because premises liability is comprised of such a broad nature of acts or omissions that can result in injury, a victim may experience unpredictable ancillary injuries for which he or she will need resources to cope with. Below are some helpful resources to contact if you have become the victim of a premises liability injury:

Sexual Assault Hotline

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

The Building Inspection Division

Sanitation Department

Fire Marshal's Office

Manchester Police Department

Public Works Department








Tenacious representation for Manchester premises liability claims

Living with an injury is hard. Choosing the right injury lawyers shouldn’t be. The premises liability attorneys at Barry, Barall & Spinella, LLC are here to protect the citizens and visitors of Manchester & Hartford. To schedule your free no-obligation consultation, call our office at 860-649-4400 or visit us through our contact form today. We’re located right off I-84 or I-384 in Manchester.

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