Federal Crimes Defense Attorneys

If you face federal criminal charges, it is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced in the federal criminal justice system. This arena is vastly different from the state system, and some attorneys limit their practice to state crimes.

At Barry, Barall & Spinella, LLC, we have the experience, skill and resources to handle complex, high-profile federal criminal cases. Our attorneys are prepared to defend your rights and your reputation in this critical legal matter.

The sooner you contact us, the better. Even if you have not been charged with anything, but there is reason to believe you may be a target of an investigation, or even a witness, it is never to early to start building a defense strategy.

Federal Criminal Defense Experience

Federal agencies such as the FBI and DEA have virtually limitless resources to devote to criminal investigations. If you face federal criminal charges, it is important to hire a law firm with the experience to match federal prosecutors step for step.

We are prepared to handle all types of federal crime defense, including cases involving:

  • Federal drug crimes
  • Federal sex crimes
  • Federal child pornography
  • Federal weapons crimes
  • Federal violent crimes
  • Federal conspiracy charges
  • Federal white collar crimes
  • Federal tax fraud

We are well-versed in the rules and procedures, sentencing guidelines, grand jury investigations and other elements of the federal criminal justice system. Whatever federal crime charge you face, we are prepared to help you pursue a favorable outcome.

We Handle Both State And Federal Crimes

Sometimes, defendants face state and federal charges simultaneously for the same alleged crime. When the facts and circumstances of a case are the same, it can be advantageous to be represented by the same attorney for the state and federal proceedings. Our law firm handles cases in both arenas, delivering our clients effective and efficient criminal defense representation.

Contact Our Federal Crimes Defense Lawyers

We handle federal criminal defense matters for clients throughout Connecticut. Schedule your legal consultation today online or by telephone at 860-281-2506. Our federal crime lawyers are here to defend your rights.