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Hartford Criminal Defense Lawyers

Hartford Criminal Defense Lawyers

Providing results-driven representation to clients in Hartford & Manchester, CT

When your freedom is at stake, nothing matters more than your civil rights. A criminal conviction, no matter how minor, can have a significant effect on every aspect of your life – including your job, your relationships, your reputation and your future. You may face financial penalties, probation, or incarceration. You need a Hartford criminal defense attorney who gets results.

The legal team at Barry & Barall, LLC is dedicated to defending your rights, using our years of local criminal justice experience to guide you through the complex criminal defense process. Whether you’ve recently been charged or learned you’re under investigation, don’t risk your freedom by going through this alone. Our Hartford and Manchester attorneys step in at the beginning and fight hard for you until the end. Call us today.

What types of criminal charges do your attorneys handle?

Our criminal defense attorneys work with clients on a wide array of criminal charges, from misdemeanors and felonies to more complex matters. These include:

It’s crucial to work with an experienced Hartford criminal defense lawyer who has a thorough and complete understanding of the charges and consequences you may be facing, and – more importantly – a familiarity of the jurisdiction where your case will be heard. That’s where Barry & Barall, LLC comes in.


Extremely Grateful
"I had the pleasure of working with Anthony Spinella on an unfortunate criminal matter and am extremely grateful for the prearrest and pretrial defense. Thanks to Attorney Spinella, I was granted AR."

Nicky M.

Professionally Compassionate
"I also wanted to share how impressed I was with Briana. She is professionally compassionate and has been an amazing resource with putting my mind at ease during such stressful times."

Nicky M.

Contact information for courts and jails in Hartford County, CT

We’ve pulled together all the contact information you may need regarding local Hartford courts, detention centers and juvenile matters. Our attorneys can provide more detailed guidance about your specific information – just give us a call.

When you work with our defense attorneys, you get large law firm resources with a small law firm feel. You get one-on-one attention with personalized strategies to get you the best outcome possible.

What’s the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

Criminal charges in Hartford are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. Felonies are the more serious charges and can result in more much serious penalties. Generally, misdemeanors are punishable by anywhere from five days to one year in jail (in some cases, there’s no jail time at all), while a felony conviction may result in more than a year in prison. Your criminal defense attorney can explain the details and penalties that come with these types of charges, which are outlined in Connecticut GS 53 through 54.

Am I eligible for a diversionary program instead of jail?

Connecticut has a variety of diversionary programs available to some individuals charged with criminal offenses. The programs available depend on the charges. Connecticut’s Diversionary Programs offer a way to dismiss criminal charges in exchange for completing a program. These programs include:

  • Alcohol education and/or treatment
  • Drug education and/or treatment
  • Family violence education
  • School violence prevention
  • Community service and labor

Talk to our attorneys to find out if there is a diversionary program for your particular case.

Why hire a Hartford criminal defense lawyer?

If you’ve been accused of a crime, even if you haven’t been charged yet, do not underestimate your situation. The outcome of a criminal case can affect your entire future, even when the truth is on your side. The experience and dedication of a seasoned criminal attorney makes all the difference and gives you the best chance for a successful outcome for your case.

The legal team at Barry & Barall, LLC brings a variety of strengths and benefits to the table. Our Hartford and Manchester criminal defense attorneys:

Have a thorough understanding of the law

We’ve all seen at least a few of the dozens of crime shows on television, but the law is certainly much more complicated than it appears. We have years of specialized experience with criminal law and know how to build a strong, strategic defense for your case.

Fight steadfastly for you

Make no mistake – when you’re charged with a crime, the state and the county are working against you. They have a massive amount of resources and staff on their side. Don’t try to go this alone, no matter how minor you may think the charges are. We dedicate our resources and ourselves to our clients and our only goal is your best outcome – dropped or lessened charges.

Know the Hartford court and criminal system

An experienced attorney gives you the advantage of their familiarity with the local courts, clerks, judges and prosecutors. This gives you an edge as we work your case through the system, protecting your civil rights.

Know what to expect

Even a small brush with the criminal justice system can be overwhelming and intimidating, as it feels like you never know what’s coming next. However, our attorneys work within the local Hartford system all the time. Rest assured that we will keep you up to date, prepared, and help reduce the stress you’re experiencing.

Negotiate for you

Crucial in criminal cases, negotiations can result in plea bargains, lessened or even dropped charges. Our attorneys are shrewd negotiators, and will work with you to consider all of your options and then fight hard for your best interests.

Tough defense on your behalf

One of the most important things you can do to protect your freedom and your future is hire an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney. Whether you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor or a felony in Hartford, we can help make a positive difference in the outcome of your case.

Effective Hartford & Manchester criminal defense attorneys

The criminal defense lawyers at Barry & Barall, LLC are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. When you’re facing criminal charges or are being investigated for criminal activity, it’s important you get legal representation immediately. Our record of success speaks for itself, but we are happy to talk about how we can assist you. We’re located right off I-84 or I-384 in Manchester. To schedule a consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers in Hartford or Manchester, please call 860-956-3071 or fill out our contact form.