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A Special Note

Attorney Michael J DyerOur office is closed today to honor the life of our beloved former colleague, Attorney Michael J. Dyer.

Mike was one of a kind. Smart. Honest. Witty. Gracious. Kind. Thoughtful. Mike was a compassionate warrior for his clients and was simply one of the most decent human beings any of us has ever met. Our firm has received an outpouring of sympathy from judges, prosecutors, public defenders, opposing lawyers, co-counsel and clients. “I loved working with Mike.” “He was the nicest guy.” “I’ll always remember his smile.” “He was a great lawyer.”

We are grateful that Mike practiced law with us for 5 1/2 years. He made us better people, better lawyers. Most of all, he made us laugh. Like the time a prospective client decided to hire us because she said, “I like a guy who wears mismatched argyle socks.” Or when he would work on Saturdays wearing his Bennet Junior High Student Council T-shirt. Mike wasn’t much for vanity. In fact, he was about as authentic as a Derek Jeter flip play. And he was a serious and determined lawyer. The practice of law can be grueling at times. We learned a lot about Mike when we were in the trenches together, trying a case side by side with him or making two arguments on the same day before the Appellate Court. He wasn’t flashy, but the mark he has left on our profession is a light that will guide us the remainder of our careers. We love you, Mike.

Ryan, Maria, Anthony, Pat, Janine, Stephanie, Briana, Marina and Katelynn.

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