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Disturbing Trends for Fentanyl Use in Connecticut

According to the Connecticut Department of Health, deaths resulting from overdoses rose in the state during the first half of 2020. During this time period, there were 560 confirmed fatalities in addition to 275 cases awaiting toxicology results. In 2019, there were 1200 accidental drug overdose fatalities in the state. About 8 in 10 of…

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NCAA Drug Testing Consent Requirements

The NCAA requires that all student athletes consent to drug testing before they’re allowed to compete. While the NCAA does generally have the right to condition a student’s playing time on these tests, the experienced Hartford NCAA infraction lawyers may be able to challenge unsatisfactory outcomes. This could include contesting the accuracy of the tests…

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Possible Defenses to Drug Possession Charges in Connecticut

All drug charges are serious charges. Many are considered felonies, which can mean significant time in jail, large fines, plus a criminal record which can affect your ability to get a job or find a place to live. Even misdemeanors can result in jail sentences and other damaging consequences. Strict laws apply to possession charges…

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