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Yes, You Need a DUI Defense Lawyer for a First Offense

Driving under the influence laws in Connecticut have become harsher over the past few years as the state has recognized that penalties need to be stricter. Even if you are facing a first-time offense for DUI in Connecticut, it is a smart move to hire a DUI lawyer to defend you in court. DUI penalties,…

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Drunk Driving and the Holidays

The holidays, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, are an excuse for parties, for socializing, and for get-togethers – even with the pandemic. A natural ingredient of these fun events is a beer, some wine, or one of the following holiday drinks listed on the aptly named Eat This website: Cranberry cocktail Holiday punch Hot buttered…

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Ignition Interlock Devices Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Ignition interlock devices (IID) are small breathalyzer machines that are installed on vehicles. They are mandated for people who have been convicted of DUI charges in Connecticut. The requirement to install an IID applies to first and second time offenders, anyone who refuses to take a breath test or chemical test, and anyone whose license…

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