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Delays Will Hurt the Court System Long After the Pandemic Ends

The coronavirus pandemic is going to have a lasting impact on the court system in Connecticut and across the country long after it comes to an end. Nearly 12 months into the pandemic, thousands of cases are on hold in Connecticut civil and criminal courts. Once the courts reopen fully, there will be a backlog…

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Let Us Help Move Your Case Forward

In these unprecedented and unsure times, you can rest assured that Barry & Barall, LLC can work to move your case forward, whether it is in criminal or civil court. While many businesses have ceased normal operations, or have gone entirely remote, we continue to push forward with many different safety precautions in place. Whether…

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Should You Appeal the Decision in a Criminal Case?

A finding of guilt by a jury isn’t the end of the line. Many criminal convictions have been overturned on appeal. Cases in Manchester and Hartford can be appealed to the Connecticut Appellate Court and to the Connecticut Supreme Court. These higher courts usually review questions of law that were made in the trial of…

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Criminal Activity Spikes at the Holidays

This holiday season will be unlike any other holiday season in some respects, due to the pandemic. Many people are staying inside. Many shoppers are buying online. A lot of people are struggling financially because they can’t run their business, or they can’t meet with the people they need to see. Still, if there’s one…

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Grounds for Suppressing Evidence in a Criminal Case

Suppression of evidence is a fancy way of saying the evidence can’t be used in court. In order to suppress evidence, the criminal defense lawyer must file a formal motion to exclude the evidence. The motion can be filed in federal or state court depending on where the case is being tried. The motion to…

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What Is Price Gouging?

When a supplier or retailer significantly bumps up the price of a product during a crisis or emergency, they can be investigated for and charged with price gouging. Partner Ryan Barry recently represented a client accused of price gouging by the Attorney General’s Office for selling face masks in violation of Connecticut’s Unfair Trade Practices…

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Changes to the Connecticut Judicial System Due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every aspect of daily life, including the judicial system. Changes are ongoing, and the new rules will be changing again over time. The Connecticut judicial branch is continually trying to balance the safety of the public with the rights of Connecticut residents to have their cases heard. These new rules…

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Is Jury Sequestration Actually Effective?

Jury sequestration is the isolation of a jury to avoid accidental or deliberate tainting of the jury by exposing them to outside influence or information that is not admissible in court and can be a “hot” topic for criminal defense lawyers. On one hand, trying to control the information jury members see and hear outside…

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How Does the Exclusionary Rule Work in Connecticut?

A defendant in any criminal proceeding has the right to challenge the admissibility of improperly obtained evidence. Experienced Hartford criminal defense lawyers often file formal motions to suppress evidence if the evidence was seized illegally. A few examples of illegally seized evidence include searching your home because you look like someone else, searching you because…

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