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GM Offers Use-Based Auto Insurance with Data from OnStar Vehicle

In the age of the Internet of All Things, when everything is connected to everything else, including cars, companies are attempting to use the data from all those connections to their advantage. One such company is General Motors Co., which is working to adjust insurance rates based on the driving behavior obtained from this data.…

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Barry, Barall & Spinella Win Precedent-Setting Case of First Impression Regarding UM/UIM Coverage for Rental Cars

When you rent a vehicle, you are given the option to purchase additional insurance coverage for the duration of your rental time. You may also purchase rental insurance through your own policy, so that you don’t have to buy the additional coverage when you pick up the rental keys. These insurance policies protect you in…

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What Do I Do When There’s Been a Parts Recall on My Car?

Vehicle recalls are issued when there has been a safety defect detected in a part, either by multiple mechanics or drivers, or after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) investigates, or after a string of similar accidents. Issuing a recall is important because of the likelihood that a malfunctioning part will cause serious personal…

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