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Yes, You Need a DUI Defense Lawyer for a First Offense

Driving under the influence laws in Connecticut have become harsher over the past few years as the state has recognized that penalties need to be stricter. Even if you are facing a first-time offense for DUI in Connecticut, it is a smart move to hire a DUI lawyer to defend you in court. DUI penalties,…

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Let Us Help Move Your Case Forward

In these unprecedented and unsure times, you can rest assured that Barry & Barall, LLC can work to move your case forward, whether it is in criminal or civil court. While many businesses have ceased normal operations, or have gone entirely remote, we continue to push forward with many different safety precautions in place. Whether…

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How Does the Exclusionary Rule Work in Connecticut?

A defendant in any criminal proceeding has the right to challenge the admissibility of improperly obtained evidence. Experienced Hartford criminal defense lawyers often file formal motions to suppress evidence if the evidence was seized illegally. A few examples of illegally seized evidence include searching your home because you look like someone else, searching you because…

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Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Deadly?

Many people ride motorcycles because they’re an economical form of transportation. Many also ride just for the sheer joy of the open road. Unfortunately, motorcycles don’t offer the same protection as cars and trucks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 5,000 people were killed in motorcycle accidents in 2018. Motorcycle deaths…

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Common Types of Truck Accidents in Connecticut

The way a truck accident happens is often a strong indicator of who is liable for the accident. The manner of the accident also indicates what types of injuries are likely and when a fatality is likely. Our Hartford truck accident lawyers work with victims, the police, and investigators to determine how the truck crash…

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