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Who Can Be Held Liable in a Truck Accident Case?

Truck accidents are extremely dangerous and often deadly. The size, weight, and dimensions of a truck make it hard for drivers to control them in emergency situations; big vehicles simply don’t stop quickly, and a skid can easily lead to a rollover, a jackknife, or a collision with another vehicle. According to the Insurance Institute…

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Extension of Hours of Service Rules for Truckers

The COVID-19 crisis has placed a priority on the shipping of goods for health care professionals and for the general public. Thanks to online orders, Amazon and many other companies, are in constant need of having truck drivers deliver their products. On March 13th, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued an emergency order changing…

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Common Types of Truck Accidents in Connecticut

The way a truck accident happens is often a strong indicator of who is liable for the accident. The manner of the accident also indicates what types of injuries are likely and when a fatality is likely. Our Hartford truck accident lawyers work with victims, the police, and investigators to determine how the truck crash…

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