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A Special Note

Our office is closed today to honor the life of our beloved former colleague, Attorney Michael J. Dyer. Mike was one of a kind. Smart. Honest. Witty. Gracious. Kind. Thoughtful. Mike was a compassionate warrior for his clients and was simply one of the most decent human beings any of us has ever met. Our firm has received an outpouring…

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What Is Price Gouging?

When a supplier or retailer significantly bumps up the price of a product during a crisis or emergency, they can be investigated for and charged with price gouging. Partner Ryan Barry recently represented a client accused of price gouging by the Attorney General’s Office for selling face masks in violation of Connecticut’s Unfair Trade Practices…

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Extension of Hours of Service Rules for Truckers

The COVID-19 crisis has placed a priority on the shipping of goods for health care professionals and for the general public. Thanks to online orders, Amazon and many other companies, are in constant need of having truck drivers deliver their products. On March 13th, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued an emergency order changing…

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